At Hypement, we believe that the key to successful influencer marketing is a creative, knowledgeable and committed team and a vast and reputable influencer network.

We offer a versatile selection of solutions with the help of influencer marketing activations.

Let’s build your Hype – the results are guaranteed!

Partnerships with cool brands and influential people.

What sets you apart from all the others is in the creativity.

How we do it

In need of an Influencer Marketing Strategy? We’ve got you. We can either handle everything from the get-go or jump in at any stage of your process – from planned strategy to strategy creation. 

We carefully review the brief and dig deep into your brand, recognizing the core needs and challenges in order to provide a clear strategy and step-by-step plan for the future.

This is what we know best. We elevate your brand with cool features and plan tailormade influencer marketing activations – creative concepts never seen before. 

Whatever it is you need to reach, attract, engage and convert your customers to become loyal to your brand – building brand awareness or boosting sales through unique brand experiences

Using our broad network of validated influencers we find the perfect match for your brand. Having access to data, accurate and meaningful insights and our knowledge from the field results in machine-like precision with a human touch. 

We are looking at the brand fit, values, demographics, content quality and price when evaluating the influencers for the brands we work with.

This is just not our work, it’s our lifestyle. Our team has everything under control with a 24/7 service mindset. We are proactive, responsive and flexible – reacting and adapting to unexpected events that may occur along the way. Keeping things simple, having the right tools and a fluid process ensure effective implementation. Continuous communication from our project manager to you and to influencers will guarantee a smooth collaboration. Let us do our thing – we know what we are doing.

We measure, analyze and report on key figures, the experiences of influencers and the feedback they receive from their followers, as well as our guidance on where to go with influencers next. To get the most out of your influencer marketing, continuous optimization and evaluation of the influencers’ performance and methods is key. In order to do so, long-term commitment needs to be done and have faith on the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Ready to do something with influencers that’s never been seen before?