Hypement is independent influencer marketing agency. Strategic partner – link between brands and influencers. We bring brands, matching influencers and target audiences together.

We work with several well known Finnish and international brands. We aim to find possible influencers for our customers. They are known celebrities in different fields, as well as personalities who enjoy widespread attention in social media, such as Instagram stars, Bloggers, and Youtubers.

Our team comes from different backgrounds but we all share internationality and passion for success. Everyone of us has made a career in business and in professional sports.

As former top athletes, we have learned how to work in a group and work in a goal-oriented and committed way. Combined with work experience in sales and marketing, as well as university studies, we have trained hard-core professionals in influencer marketing and sponsorship.

Our corporate culture is positive and inspiring – we believe in success together.


We want to help Finnish
companies to develop their influencer marketing.


We are a reliable and flexible partner. We work creatively and efficiently to achieve the goals. 


We want to grow into the most successful and versatile influential marketing agency in Scandinavia.


Influencer marketing is lucrative and fun to do together.