Personal brand

Personal brand means how people see the person as a whole – the image what the person raises. Every person has their own values, skills, knowledge, insights and opinions. How they communicate them shape their own personal brand.

What to consider?

Storytelling with words, images or video will effectively build a personal brand. One should consider three important things to stand out from the crowd when polishing their brand.

  1. Knowledge of the target group so the content is what the target audience wants to hear.
  2. Consistent work to avoid distortion of the brand.
  3. What one seeks to achieve when branding their image.

Social media as a tool for personal branding

Social media offers an opportunity for personal branding .We have written about branding before but from a business’ point of view.  There is an increasing amount of experts, influencers, regardless of the topic or industry. Creating a personal brand is simultaneously easy and challenging. When creating a brand you need to ask from yourself what do you want to bring out and what are your objectives and ambitions.  It’s easiest by being Unless you are consciously of creating a different brand to publicity than what is you civilian brand, you will get called out for pretending. Social media is ruthless.

Your networks and social media engagements also says a lot. For example LinkedIn contacts and dialog with them gives a good perception of one’s expertise. Similarly, images published on Instagram and opinions shared on Twitter shape everyones personal brand.

How to build your personal brand?

Doctor of Economic Sciences Arto Kuuluvainen wrote recently on his blog about an athlete’s personal brand. These words by Eero Ettala summarise well what it’s all about. “Snowboarding is largely personal branding and I have learned a lot from marketing. It is good to have idols, but you shouldn’t imitate anyone else. There will not be another Eero Ettala and it’s good that way. You’ll stand out from the crowd just by being yourself. Especially when it comes to individual sports, people want personalities. You are already interesting enough.”

Everyone is a brand. Want it or not. Some are more well-known than others but everyone gives out some self-conscious or unconscious image. However, not everyone are even interested in what others think about them and do not care about their brand.

Effective personal branding begins with recognising your knowhow and objectives. After that it is easier to choose the channels and actions to utilise in building your personal brand.

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