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Influencer marketing is very diverse at best. Our services include individual campaigns and larger influential marketing packages. We offer versatile solutions for your company’s influencer marketing.

We design and implement influencer campaigns for companies. We carry out influencer mapping, conduct influencer negotiations, monitor implementation and report and analyse the results.

We work for companies as an agency partner. We are responsible for strategic planning, the development of influencer marketing and the overall influential campaigns. You will have more time to focus on other tasks in the company.

We can come and talk about influencer marketing to your event or organise an influencer marketing workshop or training.

There are a lot of individual measures involved in influencer marketing. We also offer these services in separate packages. These include content production, media announcements, PR events and website implementations.

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We help you improve your company’s influencer marketing regardless of whether you are a beginner start-up or an already established company. We’ve already helped over 50 companies in influencer marketing.

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Hypement team

Hypement is a full-service influencer marketing agency. Our team consists of marketing professionals with extensive networks and several years of experience in influencer marketing. 

Our expertise includes influencer strategies, influencer mappings, influencer negotiations, creative concepts, planning and implementing campaigns, and measuring results, analysing, reporting and developing influencer marketing.



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