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Influencer mar­ke­ting is very diver­se at best. Our ser­vices inclu­de indi­vi­dual cam­paigns and lar­ger influen­tial mar­ke­ting pac­ka­ges. We offer ver­sa­ti­le solu­tions for your com­pa­ny’s influencer marketing. 

We design and imple­ment influencer cam­paigns for com­pa­nies. We carry out influencer map­ping, con­duct influencer nego­tia­tions, moni­tor imple­men­ta­tion and report and ana­ly­se the results. 

We work for com­pa­nies as an agency part­ner. We are res­pon­sible for stra­te­gic plan­ning, the deve­lop­ment of influencer mar­ke­ting and the ove­rall influen­tial cam­paigns. You will have more time to focus on other tasks in the company.

We can come and talk about influencer mar­ke­ting to your event or orga­ni­se an influencer mar­ke­ting works­hop or training.

There are a lot of indi­vi­dual mea­su­res invol­ved in influencer mar­ke­ting. We also offer these ser­vices in sepa­ra­te pac­ka­ges. These inclu­de con­tent pro­duc­tion, media announce­ments, PR events and web­si­te implementations.

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We help you impro­ve your com­pa­ny’s influencer mar­ke­ting regard­less of whet­her you are a begin­ner start-up or an alrea­dy establis­hed com­pa­ny. We’ve alrea­dy hel­ped over 50 com­pa­nies in influencer marketing.

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Hype­ment team

Hype­ment is a full-ser­vice influencer mar­ke­ting agency. Our team con­sists of mar­ke­ting pro­fes­sio­nals with exten­si­ve networks and seve­ral years of expe­rience in influencer mar­ke­ting. 

Our exper­ti­se inclu­des influencer stra­te­gies, influencer map­pings, influencer nego­tia­tions, crea­ti­ve concepts, plan­ning and imple­men­ting cam­paigns, and mea­su­ring results, ana­ly­sing, repor­ting and deve­lo­ping influencer marketing.



8 syytä, miksi yri­tys­ten pitäi­si hyö­dyn­tää vaikuttajamarkkinointia 

Etä­työn lisään­ty­mi­nen ja verk­ko­kaup­po­jen kas­va­mi­nen vii­me­vuo­den aika­na on lisän­nyt myös kiin­nos­tus­ta vai­kut­ta­ja­mark­ki­noin­tiin. Suo­men Yrit­tä­jien teke­män kyselyn… 

Hype­ment 2020 

Vuosi 2020 oli monel­la tapaa poik­keuk­sien vuosi eikä se ole teh­nyt poik­keus­ta mei­dän­kään kohdalla. 

Vai­kut­ta­ja­mark­ki­noin­nin edut, joita perin­tei­sem­mäl­lä mark­ki­noin­nil­la ei saavuteta 

Yri­tyk­set sel­väs­ti näke­vät jo vai­kut­ta­ja­mark­ki­noin­nin hyö­dyt ja yhä useam­mat varaa­vat sille oman bud­je­tin. Mutta miksi vaikuttajamarkkinointi… 


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