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Influencer mar­ke­ting is very diverse at best. Our services include indi­vi­dual cam­paigns and larger influen­tial mar­ke­ting packages. We offer ver­sa­ti­le solu­tions for your com­pa­ny’s influencer marketing. 

We design and imple­ment influencer cam­paigns for com­pa­nies. We carry out influencer mapping, conduct influencer nego­tia­tions, monitor imple­men­ta­tion and report and analyse the results. 

We work for com­pa­nies as an agency partner. We are res­pon­sible for stra­te­gic planning, the deve­lop­ment of influencer mar­ke­ting and the overall influen­tial cam­paigns. You will have more time to focus on other tasks in the company.

We can come and talk about influencer mar­ke­ting to your event or organise an influencer mar­ke­ting workshop or training.

There are a lot of indi­vi­dual measures involved in influencer mar­ke­ting. We also offer these services in separate packages. These include content pro­duc­tion, media announce­ments, PR events and website implementations.

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We help you improve your com­pa­ny’s influencer mar­ke­ting regard­less of whether you are a beginner start-up or an already establis­hed company. We’ve already helped over 50 com­pa­nies in influencer marketing.

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Hypement team

Hypement is a full-service influencer mar­ke­ting agency. Our team consists of mar­ke­ting pro­fes­sio­nals with exten­si­ve networks and several years of expe­rience in influencer mar­ke­ting. 

Our exper­ti­se includes influencer stra­te­gies, influencer mappings, influencer nego­tia­tions, creative concepts, planning and imple­men­ting cam­paigns, and mea­su­ring results, ana­ly­sing, repor­ting and deve­lo­ping influencer marketing.


Lilli artik­ke­li

Kuka on Lilli Keh? 

Lilli on muodin mark­ki­noin­nin ja brän­di­työn ammat­ti­lai­nen, joka päätyi monien onnek­kai­den sat­tu­mus­ten kautta vai­kut­ta­ja­mark­ki­noin­nin pariin. Oman… 
vai­kut­ta­ja­mark­ki­noin­nin trendit 2–01

Mitä odottaa tältä vuodelta? 

Vaikuttajamarkkinoinnin trendien jatkuva kehitys ja niiden merkitys ovat koros­tu­neet huo­mat­ta­vas­ti perin­teis­ten mark­ki­noin­nin keinojen ohella viime vuosien… 

Clubhouse — miksi kaikkien tulisi jo olla siellä? 

Clubhouse. Kaikki siitä puhuvat ja moni siellä jo onkin, mutta mitä siellä edes tehdään? Hypement avaa… 


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