Hypement is an influencer mar­ke­ting agency founded in 2016 

Hypement is an influencer mar­ke­ting agency founded in 2016
in 2016

We are a genuine and reliable partner in influencer mar­ke­ting. Innovation and efficient teamwork are at the core of our daily ope­ra­tions. Our team comes from dif­fe­rent backgrounds, but we all share inter­na­tio­na­li­ty and passion for sport. As former top athletes, we have learned how to work in a group and to work with ambition and com­mit­ment. Combined with work expe­rience in sales and mar­ke­ting and uni­ver­si­ty studies, we have been trained into high-class influencer mar­ke­ting experts.

We work with several well-known com­pa­nies. Hypement is an expert in influencer mar­ke­ting – an office partner who assists com­pa­nies in all influencer mar­ke­ting acti­vi­ties. In our view, an influencer mar­ke­ting agency should coexist with other mar­ke­ting com­mu­nica­tions agencies in the eyes of com­pa­nies. Influencer mar­ke­ting is part of the big picture as much as an adver­ti­sing, event and media agency is.

Our agency has exten­si­ve networks of influencers and several years of expe­rience in influencer mar­ke­ting. We know what works with anyone to get the best possible result for the company.

Our cor­po­ra­te culture is relaxed, positive and ins­pi­ring – we believe in success together.


Hypement Oy’s mission is to help our cus­to­mers to make their mar­ke­ting more efficient with the help of influencers. Together, we engage in influen­tial mar­ke­ting as part of the com­pa­ny’s compre­hen­si­ve mar­ke­ting strategy and achieve the best possible results.


We want to grow into an inter­na­tio­nal­ly success­ful influencer mar­ke­ting agency that helps our cus­to­mers to succeed and grow together with us both in Finland and in inter­na­tio­nal markets.


Hypement Oy is a reliable partner in influencer mar­ke­ting, all of which emp­ha­sizes inno­va­tion and aut­hen­tici­ty. Our emplo­yees’ sporting background sits on the impor­tance of working together, which we emp­ha­size in our daily activities.


“When everyone is doing well,
and everyone will be fine.” –Spede Pasanen