Hypement is an influencer marketing agency founded in 2016

Hypement is an influencer marketing agency founded in 2016
in 2016

We are a genuine and reliable partner in influencer marketing. Innovation and efficient teamwork are at the core of our daily operations. Our team comes from different backgrounds, but we all share internationality and passion for sport. As former top athletes, we have learned how to work in a group and to work with ambition and commitment. Combined with work experience in sales and marketing and university studies, we have been trained into high-class influencer marketing experts.

We work with several well-known companies. Hypement is an expert in influencer marketing – an office partner who assists companies in all influencer marketing activities. In our view, an influencer marketing agency should coexist with other marketing communications agencies in the eyes of companies. Influencer marketing is part of the big picture as much as an advertising, event and media agency is.

Our agency has extensive networks of influencers and several years of experience in influencer marketing. We know what works with anyone to get the best possible result for the company.

Our corporate culture is relaxed, positive and inspiring – we believe in success together.


Hypement Oy’s mission is to help our customers to make their marketing more efficient with the help of influencers. Together, we engage in influential marketing as part of the company’s comprehensive marketing strategy and achieve the best possible results.


We want to grow into an internationally successful influencer marketing agency that helps our customers to succeed and grow together with us both in Finland and in international markets.


Hypement Oy is a reliable partner in influencer marketing, all of which emphasizes innovation and authenticity. Our employees’ sporting background sits on the importance of working together, which we emphasize in our daily activities.


”When everyone is doing well,
and everyone will be fine.” –Spede Pasanen